How to clean an oven

Oven CleaningAccording to the latest surveys the oven is one of the dirtiest kitchen appliances. It is a shocking truth due to the fact that people use their ovens to cook their food and by letting their ovens dirty, they are allowing their food to be contaminated with harmful particles. It is why it is of great importance that people clean frequently their ovens. If you have never cleaned your oven before have no worried and simply follow our oven cleaning tips or call Carpet Cleaning Horsham they even offer oven cleaning services.

The first thing that you must do is to check whether your oven has a self-cleaning function. If it has, then lucky you because you won’t have to sweat and sped any of your time over your oven. Instead you will simply turn or bush a button and your oven will clean itself for you. Just bear in mind that while the self-cleaning function is on, you and your children should stay ways from the oven because the oven will get heated to very high temperature and touching the exterior surfaces of the oven may lead to unwanted burns. Another way to have a clean oven without doing it yourself is to use professional cleaning services.

On the other hand if you over doesn’t have a self-cleaning option and you don’t want to use professional cleaning services, here is want you should do. Commence the oven cleaning by removing the oven racks. Soak the racks into your sink which you have filled with a mixture of water and liquid dish-washing soap. For the cleaning of the oven you can either use your own homemade cleaning solution or buy a commercial oven cleaner from a local cleaning firm or supermarket. If you prefer to make your own cleaning detergent, get a bowl and fill it with one liter of water. Then add four tablespoon of baking soda and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. If you don’t have a spray bottle you can always apply the cleaning solution with a sponge or rag but it will be more arduous and time consuming.

Once you have applied the cleaning solution allow it to stay on the surface for approximately an hour and then use a scrapper to remove all stains and encrusted food particles. When done, wipe clean the interior and exterior of your oven with a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. End the oven cleaning by washing the racks and placing them back in place.