A 5 day cleaning schedule

Cleaning ServicesLiving in a dirty household or working in a dirty environment isn’t an option as it can cause you all kinds of health complications. This is why you must always maintain your place of work and home in clean and pristine condition or just hire someone to do it for you. If you are having a hard time organizing your professional and personal schedule with your cleaning routine, keep reading as we will show you in interesting way in which you can execute your cleaning duties without changing your personal and professional schedule.

Day 1:

Before you go to work, grab you vacuum cleaner and vacuum your entire household. Also don’t forget to mop the bathroom and kitchen flooring. Once your work day has ended, stay five minutes longer at work and vacuum the floor of your office as well.

Day 2:

After you wake up, wander around your home and collect all misplaced items and throw away all the clutter. Before you go to work empty your garbage bins and throw away the trash. Do the same before you leave work. This way you will always have a clutter-free home and place of work.

Day 3:

After you take your morning shower, wash your bathroom surfaces and clean your shower and bathtub. Also replace the dirty towel with fresh ones and if necessary wash the shower curtain in your laundry machine. Once you return home from work, take out the curtain and hang it in place.

Day 4:

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual and have your breakfast. Once you are done eating, wash the dishes, wipe clean the kitchen countertops and cabinets and treat your kitchen appliances with a commercial cleaner. You can buy a kitchen appliance cleaner from any supermarket, specialized cleaning store or cleaning company.

Day 5:

When you return home from work, wipe the dust from your living room, bedroom and hallway. Vacuum your living and bedroom carpet thoroughly and change the bedding on your bed. End the cleaning by running the laundry and washing your clothes.

Repeat this five day cleaning schedule every week and you won’t have a problem maintain your home and place of work clean. On the other hand if all this sounds too much for you, simply contact professional cleaners and have them clean your home or office or both.

As you can see there are always options which you can use to maintain a clean household and place of work.