Four ways to clean a microwave

There are four very effective ways to clean a microwave according to Cleaners Hammersmith, so having a dirty microwave is literally inexcusable.

Method 1: Using professional cleaning services

Microwave CleaningThis method is undoubtedly the most effective as a team of professional cleaners will take care of everything from A to Z. In fact most cleaning specialist advice that people should have their cooking appliances cleaned by professional cleaners at least once a year. So even if you have the habit of maintaining your microwave clean, hire cleaning technicians every now and then to clean it for you.

Method 2: The water and vinegar mixture

Get a bowl and fill it half way with water. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar into the water and pace the bowl into the microwave. Run the microwave for approximately five minutes. The steam from the vinegar and water mixture will loosen any dried stains and food particles. Once the microwave is off, allow it to cool before you remove the loosened particles with a clean rag or paper towel. If your microwave has a removable glass tray or turntable, always wash it before you call it a day.

Method 3: Using lemons

Take a lemon and slice it in half. Place both halves of the lemon cut-side down on the place and add a tablespoon of water into the plate. Just like with the method from above, place the plate into the microwave but this time run the microwave for no more than two minutes. Allow the microwave to cool down for no more than 30 seconds and then wipe clean the inside of the appliance. Wash the plate on which you had placed the lemons and use the lemon leftovers as a natural cleaner for your garbage disposal by cutting them into smaller pieces and running them through the disposal.

Method 4: Using dish soap

Fill a glass bowl with warm water and add dish-washing liquid into the bowl. Add as much dish-washing soap as you see fit. Allow the two ingredients to mix before you place the bowl into the microwave. Run the microwave for one minute and then turn it off. Next damp a sponge into a bowl of fresh water and start wiping the interior of microwave. Wipe the inside of the appliance until all spots and stains are gone. If necessary repeat the process.

As you see all four methods are simple, so make sure that you clean your microwave frequently.

A 5 day cleaning schedule

Cleaning ServicesLiving in a dirty household or working in a dirty environment isn’t an option as it can cause you all kinds of health complications. This is why you must always maintain your place of work and home in clean and pristine condition or just hire someone to do it for you. If you are having a hard time organizing your professional and personal schedule with your cleaning routine, keep reading as we will show you in interesting way in which you can execute your cleaning duties without changing your personal and professional schedule.

Day 1:

Before you go to work, grab you vacuum cleaner and vacuum your entire household. Also don’t forget to mop the bathroom and kitchen flooring. Once your work day has ended, stay five minutes longer at work and vacuum the floor of your office as well.

Day 2:

After you wake up, wander around your home and collect all misplaced items and throw away all the clutter. Before you go to work empty your garbage bins and throw away the trash. Do the same before you leave work. This way you will always have a clutter-free home and place of work.

Day 3:

After you take your morning shower, wash your bathroom surfaces and clean your shower and bathtub. Also replace the dirty towel with fresh ones and if necessary wash the shower curtain in your laundry machine. Once you return home from work, take out the curtain and hang it in place.

Day 4:

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual and have your breakfast. Once you are done eating, wash the dishes, wipe clean the kitchen countertops and cabinets and treat your kitchen appliances with a commercial cleaner. You can buy a kitchen appliance cleaner from any supermarket, specialized cleaning store or cleaning company.

Day 5:

When you return home from work, wipe the dust from your living room, bedroom and hallway. Vacuum your living and bedroom carpet thoroughly and change the bedding on your bed. End the cleaning by running the laundry and washing your clothes.

Repeat this five day cleaning schedule every week and you won’t have a problem maintain your home and place of work clean. On the other hand if all this sounds too much for you, simply contact professional cleaners and have them clean your home or office or both.

As you can see there are always options which you can use to maintain a clean household and place of work.

How to clean an oven

Oven CleaningAccording to the latest surveys the oven is one of the dirtiest kitchen appliances. It is a shocking truth due to the fact that people use their ovens to cook their food and by letting their ovens dirty, they are allowing their food to be contaminated with harmful particles. It is why it is of great importance that people clean frequently their ovens. If you have never cleaned your oven before have no worried and simply follow our oven cleaning tips or call Carpet Cleaning Horsham they even offer oven cleaning services.

The first thing that you must do is to check whether your oven has a self-cleaning function. If it has, then lucky you because you won’t have to sweat and sped any of your time over your oven. Instead you will simply turn or bush a button and your oven will clean itself for you. Just bear in mind that while the self-cleaning function is on, you and your children should stay ways from the oven because the oven will get heated to very high temperature and touching the exterior surfaces of the oven may lead to unwanted burns. Another way to have a clean oven without doing it yourself is to use professional cleaning services.

On the other hand if you over doesn’t have a self-cleaning option and you don’t want to use professional cleaning services, here is want you should do. Commence the oven cleaning by removing the oven racks. Soak the racks into your sink which you have filled with a mixture of water and liquid dish-washing soap. For the cleaning of the oven you can either use your own homemade cleaning solution or buy a commercial oven cleaner from a local cleaning firm or supermarket. If you prefer to make your own cleaning detergent, get a bowl and fill it with one liter of water. Then add four tablespoon of baking soda and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. If you don’t have a spray bottle you can always apply the cleaning solution with a sponge or rag but it will be more arduous and time consuming.

Once you have applied the cleaning solution allow it to stay on the surface for approximately an hour and then use a scrapper to remove all stains and encrusted food particles. When done, wipe clean the interior and exterior of your oven with a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. End the oven cleaning by washing the racks and placing them back in place.